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Vertex Top End Piston Kit Yamaha YZ125 ’22-23 Fantic XX125 ’22-’23 XE125 ’23

Vertex Top End Piston Kit Yamaha YZ125 ’22-23 Fantic XX125 ’22-’23 XE125 ’23


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Yamaha YZ 125 2022

Yamaha YZ 125 2023

Fantic XX 125 2022

Fantic XX 125 2023

Fantic XE 125 2023

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Vertex Top-End Piston Kit Yamaha 125 2022-2023 Fantic XX125 2022-2023 XE125 2023

Easing the repair process by saving time and money Vertex Pistons Top-End Piston Kits come with everything needed to replace your piston, top-end gaskets, and wrist pin bearing when the time comes.
All Vertex 2-stroke pistons are gravity cast from an aluminum alloy with 18% silicon content. Because of a cast piston’s ability to contain higher silicon content compared to forged pistons, and because two-strokes have lower cylinder pressures when compared to four-strokes, cast pistons are ideal for two-stroke engines.

Kit includes:

Note: Image is for reference only, actual product may vary slightly based on fitment.

Kit Piston et Joints Haut Moteur Top End Kolben-Kit piston set met dichtingen
VTK24570A – VTK24570B – VTK24570C

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