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All Balls Swing Arm Bearing Kit Yamaha YZF250 ’14-24 – YZF450 ’10-24 – WRF250/450

All Balls Swing Arm Bearing Kit Yamaha YZF250 ’14-24 – YZF450 ’10-24 – WRF250/450



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Suitable for motorcycle:

Yamaha YZ 250F 2014

Yamaha YZ 250F 2015

Yamaha YZ 250F 2016

Yamaha YZ 250F 2017

Yamaha YZ 250F 2018

Yamaha YZ 250F 2019

Yamaha YZ 250F 2020

Yamaha YZ 250F 2021

Yamaha YZ 250F 2022

Yamaha YZ 250F 2023

Yamaha YZ 250F 2024

Yamaha YZ 450F 2010

Yamaha YZ 450F 2011

Yamaha YZ 450F 2012

Yamaha YZ 450F 2013

Yamaha YZ 450F 2014

Yamaha YZ 450F 2015

Yamaha YZ 450F 2016

Yamaha YZ 450F 2017

Yamaha YZ 450F 2018

Yamaha YZ 450F 2019

Yamaha YZ 450F 2020

Yamaha YZ 450F 2021

Yamaha YZ 450F 2022

Yamaha YZ 450F 2023

Yamaha YZ 450F 2024

Yamaha WR 250F 2015

Yamaha WR 250F 2016

Yamaha WR 250F 2017

Yamaha WR 250F 2018

Yamaha WR 250F 2019

Yamaha WR 250F 2020

Yamaha WR 250F 2021

Yamaha WR 250F 2022

Yamaha WR 250F 2023

Yamaha WR 450F 2016

Yamaha WR 450F 2017

Yamaha WR 450F 2018

Yamaha WR 450F 2019

Yamaha WR 450F 2020

Yamaha WR 450F 2021

Yamaha WR 450F 2022

Yamaha WR 450F 2023

Yamaha YZ 450FX 2016

Yamaha YZ 450FX 2017

Yamaha YZ 450FX 2018

Yamaha YZ 450FX 2019

Yamaha YZ 450FX 2020

Yamaha YZ 450FX 2021

Yamaha YZ 450FX 2022

Yamaha YZ 450FX 2023

Yamaha YZ 250FX 2015

Yamaha YZ 250FX 2016

Yamaha YZ 250FX 2017

Yamaha YZ 250FX 2018

Yamaha YZ 250FX 2019

Yamaha YZ 250FX 2020

Yamaha YZ 250FX 2021

Yamaha YZ 250FX 2022

Yamaha YZ 250FX 2023

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All Balls Swing Arm Bearing Kit Yamaha YZF250 ’14-24 – YZF450 ’10-24 – WRF250/450 

Rebuild your suspension linkage with the All Balls Linkage Bearing Kit to get quality components onto your bike in one inclusive kit.
Depending on what your machine calls for, these kits have all the bearings, shafts, seals, and spacers for your linkage and lower shock mount. With these components installed, count on getting smooth linkage operation without any slop that would otherwise keep you from riding at your best.
With components made from materials like 52100 bearing steel and receiving ARC 61-65 heat treatment, case hardening, or plating,
All Balls takes every step they can to ensure their components serve you well under heavy loads and less than ideal conditions.

Kit includes machine specific components including:

All link arm bearings
All link arm shafts
Lower shock seals and spacers
link arm seals and spacers
Lower shock bearing

NOTE: Image is for display purpose only. Actual kit will vary based on application/model

achterbrug lagers kit roulements bras oscillant schwingenlager-kit

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