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Kovix KHL Front Brake Lock With Alarm – Red

Kovix KHL Front Brake Lock With Alarm – Red


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Kovix KHL Front Brake Lock With 120db Alarm – Red

From KOVIX’s KHL series comes this sturdy brake lever lock. A sturdy lock made from zinc and stainless steel, sporting a double locking system and a loud alarm. You don’t need much more to keep your motorcycle safe, or anything else with a standard front brake lever.
A front brake lock has a few advantages. For one, it’s visible, but the big advantage of this KHL is the impressive 120 decibel alarm. Set this off in your garage and the neighbours will come and help. There’s no sleeping through this infernal din.
The alarm requires only a small lithium battery (included). Best to read the manual before use, you don’t want to activate this by accident in the confinement of your garage.
The housing and the interior are rustproof and weatherproof, the key cylinder is made of stainless steel and KOVIX gives this front brake lock a security rating of 7 out of 10.
For those who are wondering how it works: the large opening is for your handle, the smaller ones are for the brake lever. There are two holes for the brake lever? Yes, because not every brake lever is the same size, and they’re not all at the same distance. Also, ABS-brakes don’t like to be pulled tight for a long period of time, so you can choose which hole you use to put the brake lever into. in.
Also important: this brake lever lock is pretty universal, so it will fit on almost every current motorcycle handle. In case your bike has extra thick handles, you can remove the rubber inner ring from the KOVIX brake lever lock to increase the diameter of the opening.

Technical specifications
– 10 mm locking pin
– Locking pin made of special hardened steel
– This lock is supplied with three keys
– Battery for alarm is included
– Alarm activation and deactivation: please read the manual
– Dimensions: 134 mm length, 33 mm width, 62 mm height
– Universal size and option to increase the handle opening diameter up to 35mm.


1 Kovix Lock
3 Keys
1 Key number
1 CR2 battery

Stuurslot Remhendelslot Anti-diefstal Bremshebelschloss Antivol Levier de frein
EAN 4897049902206

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