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Kovix KD6 Brake Disc Lock With Alarm – Flo Yellow

Kovix KD6 Brake Disc Lock With Alarm – Flo Yellow


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Kovix KD6 Brake Disc Lock With Alarm Flo Yellow KD6-FG

The KOVIX KD6 series disc brake lock with alarm is very compact. The 6 mm locking pin may not be the fattest on the market, but the 120 decibels that come out of this little package are enough to send anyone running.

The main focus of this lock is attracting attention. The built-in alarm is really loud with 120 decibels. You can rest assured that the neighbourhood will be listening in if someone messes around with your bike. And it doesn’t take that much to activate it, either. The alarm signal works on a lithium battery (included), which you can easily replace with the supplied Allen key.

The ‘Push Down’ cylinder engages the locking pin automatically after closing the lock, so your motorcycle or scooter is securely locked in no time. Best be careful with the alarm activation, so read the manual before use.

You get a protective storage bag with the lock so you can store everything under the saddle or in a pannier. There are three keys in the package, as well as a unique item number for if you want to have additional keys made. Just to be clear, you only need a key to open the disc brake lock.

The housing and interior are rustproof and weatherproof, and the key cylinder is made of stainless steel. KOVIX gives the KD6 disc brake lock series a “security rating of 6 out of 10.

Technical specifications


1 Kovix Lock
3 Keys
1 Key number
1 CR2 battery
1 allen key

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