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Oakley Airbrake BRO Roll Off Kit

Oakley Airbrake BRO Roll Off Kit


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Oakley Airbrake BRO Roll Off Film - 6pcs


Oakley Airbrake MX BRO Roll Off Kit – 100-258-001

The AirBrake MX goggle is available with a revolutionary roll-off system that utilizes an integrated cartridge canister inside the outrigger strap attachment for the ultimate in convenience and visibility. The updated BRO (Big Roll Off) system has larger film canisters to allow for the new Oakley BRO roll-off films, giving you clearer vision for a longer time period. A clean surface moves into position with the tug of a cable, and compared to the skinny film of ordinary roll-offs that are like peeking through a tiny window, the vertical field of vision is significantly increased to provide a wide-open view of the track in front of you.

New improved roll off kit for Airbrake
The new Oakley Airbrake Bro (Big Roll Off) Roll Off System has more roll off film volume.
Complete Roll-Off Kit for Oakley Airbrake MX Goggles.
Converts standard goggles to roll-off goggles.
Allows rider to clear vision with a fast-and-easy pull of the cord.
Quick and easy roll-off film canister reloads.
Proprietary coating used on roll-off film to prevent sticking to goggle lens in even the harshest conditions.


Kit Roll Off Systeem Roll-Off-System
EAN : 700285663722

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