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100% Forecast Roll Off System


[1 to 2 days]

100% Forecast Roll Off System

Fits all 100% adult Racecraft, Accuri & Strata goggles
Roll off kit can be combined with 100% original tear offs

- Low-profile system maintains goggle shaep and locks into existing lens channel.
- 45mm tall film combined with a length of 24 feet per roll provides the maximum amount of vision in MX.
- Self cleaning canister with integrated film wipe reduces mud build up.
- 9 pin retention system locks the Forecast into place and provides a tight seal to keep out the elements.
- FFS dotted lens with integrated clear visor prevents mud build up behind film.
- Transparant film canisters provide an easy view of remaining film available.
- Smooth rolling drawstring for easy one-pull clearing.
- Film exits closer to the lens to reduce dirt from entering the main view