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100% Strata Fire Red SVS Roll Off Goggle


[1 to 2 days]

100% Strata Mud Fire Red SVS Roll Off Goggle

Don't let treacherous weather conditions slow you down. Let 100% do the goggle building for you. The Strata SVS Roll-Off Goggle comes prefabricated with the 100% Speedlab Vision System professionally installed straight out of the box. Now you can immediately attack a muddy moto with the confidence of having clear vision.

Lens: Anti-fog coated Lexan® lens for flawless vision. Shares the same lens shape across the product line.
Lens Attachment: Nine pin lens retention system. The highest number of retention points in the industry ensures a secure fit. 
Simplicity: The most advanced form of simple. All 100% adult goggles share the same lens and tear-off profile.
Frame: Constructed out of flexible yet durable urethane featuring combined matte and gloss finish.
In the box: A sublimated microfiber bag.

Speedlab Vision System (SVS) Roll-Off Kit: Retain clear vision in the most treacherous conditions. The Racecraft / Accuri Roll-Off System arms you with 25 - 30 clear views in this easy to use system. Arms you with 25 - 30 clear views in this easy-to-use system. Fits all Racecraft, Accuri and Strata goggles. Complete set includes: 1 lens, 2 canisters, and a mud flap.  masque lunette bril brille - rouge rood rot